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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Hi everyone! Wow. What a phenomenal year its been so far! And...last weekend was the second last concert of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra. The concert reached some great heights that's for sure. And, I actually think the orchestra played the best it ever did and I played the best I ever did. Something was in the air... Loui (my desk partner) and I had a blast! Ripping into those strings with those soaring melodies and our bodies dancing with all the cute and quirky waltzes. Gotta love a waltz! It was Jonathan Tooby's first concert with the orchestra, and my did he do a great job! He is quite a refined musician I must say...So, yes..that concert was fun. Last night the orchestra got together again and played some more music in our first rehearsal for the final concert of the year! ... All the glorious Xmas ballads.. So, if you like Christmas, this next concert will surely tantalise the senses. The kids will love it too! We are playing some nice arrangements. I will be playing in violin 1 this time. I have played in the viola section, first and second violins. What I love about swapping sections and seating is that you get to hear all the different elements of the orchestra from all the differing angles. It supports the listening process much more. I like getting closer to some instruments I am not usually so close to. So, come to a rehearsal on Monday night, say Hi! Ask questions, get to know the sound of the orchestra! It really is exciting at the end of the day! Chat soon! Bye! KATHARINA :)

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