• Kathy

The Beginnings of 2020!

Hi there. So we are finally in full swing for 2020! Everyone is back and ready to roll, including me! I am excited for the year long journey ahead and I know we will accomplish many great technical and musical feats. Its time for all students to knuckle down and practice well. Practicing well with focus and awareness and control of each and every finger movement is key. It then becomes a joy as you overcome challenge after challenge albeit incremental and of course some large. When you are grounded and conscious of what you are doing in the practice room you will be able to achieve results faster. So, lets raise the bar this year and use our time wisely. Finding the most efficient and effective solutions in our playing. Don't forget, you are able to communicate with me between lessons which means you won't be left in the dark. So, lets do this. Lets work wisely and with determination and basque in all the glory of your hard work at the end of the year!


Kathy :)


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